Cyril E. King Airport, in the US Virgin Islands, is now available for MSFS

FeelThere has released for MSFS the largest airport in the US Virgin Islands. Cyril E. King Airport (TIST), in the island of St. Thomas, is also one of the busiest in the eastern Caribbean, serving around 1.5 million passengers each year. It joins the previously released St. Croix Airport, from PhotoSimLabs, for a duo of bespoke MSFS airports in the US Virgin Islands.

Cyril E. King Airport is currently the largest international airport in the Islands. Its single runway handles flights from American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit and United Airlines, mostly to the US continental territory, but also to other destinations in the Caribbean.

FeelThere is sparse in details about their work on this airport. It appears to be a fairly accurate depiction of the real-world scenery, with decent modeling and textures. FeelThere has already brought us good virtual versions of Stuttgart and Raleigh-Durham airports, and KLAX seems to also be in the works for MSFS, so there’s a good track record from the developers when it comes to new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

TIST Cyril E. King Airport is now available from FeelThere’s website, and will set you back $19.99.