Orbx announces Alaska Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has announced a new entry into its series of products that adds better elevation data to specific regions of the world. As seen on the previous NZ Mesh, dedicated to New Zealand, and Iceland Mesh, a freeware add-on for the nordic country, Alaska Mesh will now introduce higher resolution elevation data to the striking landscapes of this US state.

The inhospitable and expansive Alaskan landscape is famous for the wide variety of views, from the tall mountains to the coastal fjords, glaciers and forests. It’s a gorgeous area of the world to fly over, and it’s no exception if Flight Simulator with the accurate satellite textures that the sim is able to generate.

Orbx believes they can improve this experience even further by using more detailed elevation profiles, which come straight from the best US government data that is currently available. With a resolution that goes up to 5m, we can expect a significantly less “rounded” appearance to the curves and angles of the overall scenery in Alaska.

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 7.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 6.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 5.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 4.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 3.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 2.jpg

Orbx Alaska Mesh MSFS 1.jpg

As with its previous Mesh products, Orbs claims that there will be virtually no performance impact with this new product, which is self-contained and doesn’t change any other file in your Flight Simulator installation.

Alaska Mesh should be out very soon. While pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, we believe it will be around the $10-$15 mark. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful preview images of the Aleutian Islands, Denali National Park and Glacier Bay.