The Embraer 170/175 by Virtualcol is coming between June 15 and 20, will cost $24.99

New details have emerged about the upcoming Embraer 170/175 under development for MSFS by Virtualcol. The E-Jets remain on schedule for a release this month, which should happen between June 15 and June 20.

Virtualcol will be releasing three variants: the Embraer 170, the Embraer 175 with standard winglets and the Embraer 175 with extended winglets. There will also be a really comprehensive set of liveries, about 30 in total, which will be as follows:

Embraer 170 Series Liveries:

Air France
Air France Hop
Alitalia Express
Aeromexico Connect
British Airways
Cirrus Airlines
Delta Airlines
Estonian Air
Fda Fuji Dream Airlines
J-air (Japan Airlines)
Lot Polish Airlines
Northwest Airlink
Us Airways Express (Republic Airlines)
United Airlines

Embraer 175 Series Liveries:

American Airlines
Air Canada Express
Alaska Airlines
Alaska (Horizon Air)
Alaska (Skywest)
Delta Airlines
Lot Polish Airlines (Star Alliance)
Air Lituanica
Northwest Airlink
United Express (Express Jet)
United Express (Mesa Airlines)

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 4

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 3

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 2

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 1

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 8

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 7

Embraer E170 175MSFS Virtualcol 6

Virtualcol released a good amount of new images as we line up for final with this aircraft, showcasing many of the liveries but also the cockpit, instrument panel, and even passenger cabin. Everything seems in place for the release, and if all goes according to plan, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see another airliner in MSFS. How good will it be, it remains to be seen. Historically, Virtualcol releases affordable, simple airplanes, which cater to less-demanding simmers looking for a casual experience. Let’s see what we’ll be getting this time!

As a side note, the E-Jets are also under development by another independent team, Ouroborus, who are looking to release their depiction of this aircraft for free sometime in the future.

Looking for a very good airliner that is a direct competitor to the E-Jets? Check the excellent CRJ Series from Aerosoft, a more expensive add-on that totally justifies its price!