Indiafoxtecho testing helicopter model for MSFS

Don’t be surprised if Indiafoxtecho releases a helicopter for MSFS“. That’s how the developers behind some of the best fighter jets yet for Flight Simulator ended their reveal about a rather different machine: a civilian helicopter, the Revolution Mini-500.

This reveal comes after a number of other developers’ explorations about the viability of developing custom flight models for rotorcraft, knowing that MSFS is still lacking the dedicated base code for such types of aircraft. Specifically, the freeware Airbus H135 project, and the upcoming FlyInside Bell 47G (due to be released this week).

Indiafoxtecho have been working on this under the radar, with the goal of experimenting with Flight Simulator’s availability to create entirely custom flight models. This is a research project that has been going on since December, with help from other people involved with helicopter simulation.

The developer’s goal is to create a “by-the-book” flight model, one that can accurately simulate the specific flight characteristics of rotorcraft. For that end, they decided to go with the Mini-500, known for its simplistic attributes. This was actually a kit helicopter, sold to be homebuilt. It wasn’t very popular, and its safety record was actually quite terrible, something that eventually led to the projects’ demise just a few years after its introduction.

Curious to try it out? Unfortunately there’s no release date yet, not even a guarantee that it will actually every be finished. Remember, this is a research project. In any case, it would be rather interesting to “safely” fly a machine that was known to be a death-trap!