The secrets of Area 51 are revealed with this freeware scenery addon for MSFS

The elusive Area 51. A world-famous, highly secret facility of US Air Force, where many extraterrestrials have been dissected and crazy anti-gravity aircraft have been created. That’s according to legends, because the truth is no one really knows what’s going on in that place, and getting closer to the area is a sure way to send yourself to heavens.

Maybe Flight Simulator was our best chance to get a closer look into the ‘Groom Lake’ and its Homey Airport (KXTA) but the default scenery is somewhat generic, lacking details and some of the elements that make this place special. It’s a good thing then that someone took the risk to create a more realistic depiction of Area 51, and brought it to all of as a freeware addon so anyone can look for aliens hidden in the countless hangars.

The creator of this scenery, superspud, is no stranger to us. After all, he also brought us the also free and excellent John Lennon Airport, in Liverpool, and the UK Moorings, probably the first aircraft carrier for MSFS, which has now evolved into a full fledged collection of carrier scattered around the world.

Clearly, this time again, superspud continues with the military theme. In order to overhaul the place, you will find completely renewed ground textures in this version of Area 51, with nearly all buildings replaced. There’s now plenty of hangars and many static aircraft that made Area 51 famous, such as the legendary U-2 spy plane, the F-117, and even a suspicious fighter that looks like the Russian Su-57… intriguing.

On more practical terms, there’s now “proper” ATC with ATIS, fuel and pushback services. The salt runways have also made a comeback, although hard to see.

There’s some cool stuff to find around the massive facility, so we won’t spoil you more. Get your tin hat and go! This is a cool scenery mod that will scratch your itch if you ever wanted to know a bit more about this mysterious place.