EGGP – “a big a** rework” of Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Here’s Speke Airport, as it’s still know around the place, in another free conversion of a default airport in MSFS. And it’s another very good one!

This is, according to superspud, the developer, “a big a** rework of EGGP Liverpool airport”. And we can see what he means. It’s a really comprehensive new scenery with lots of improvements: all ground textures have been replaced, as well as many buildings and other bits and pieces. This airport is also nicely complemented by other mods that improve the surrounding area, created by Skell300.

Funnily enough, the Beatles-inspired yellow submarine has been replaced by an elephant in a boat. It’s up to you to find the meaning of this astonishing revelation.

EGGP – Liverpool John Lennon Airport is available for free at

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