Orbx’s Landmarks series for MSFS now coming to Adelaide

The Landmarks and Cityscapes series from Orbx has seen a few releases dedicated to some iconic cities around the world, such as Paris, Sydney, Singapore, and more. After Sydney and Brisbane, the latest addition, Orbx is back to another Australian city, this time Adelaide, in the south of the country.

Adelaide is the fifth most populous city in Australia, famous for its coastline and vineyards. Orbx is creating here an overhauled city with over 90 custom-made landmarks and structures.

Besides the improved cityscape, you should also find significantly better surrounding areas, with a seamless transition between Adelaide’s urban landscape and the famous wine regions.

Orbx is saying that the release is just around the corner, coming early next week. Adelaide will then join Orbx’s portfolio for improved cities in MSFS, joining Sydney and Brisbane. 

Main Features:

  • More than 90 custom landmark buildings and structures.
  • Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, marinas, tall powerline towers, etc.
  • Detailed representation of the Port of Adelaide and adjacent tank farms and industrial areas.
  • Extensive terraforming across the coverage area, enhancing how our custom landmarks sit within the simulator’s terrain.
  • Custom orthoimagery (~100 sq km) for the downtown and port areas as well as the St Vincent Gulf shoreline and salt evaporation ponds.
  • Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.