The Tupolev Tu-134 under development for MSFS is coming along nicely

Remember the Tupolev Tu-134 that we told you about in October? Well, there hasn’t been much news about that, until now. The developer behind it has just released a new video showing the aircraft under test in Flight Simulator, while also talking about the current state of the aircraft.

In the video (in Russian) we can see the cockpit in great detail, although it’s quickly pointed out that the textures are still from the old model (probably from FSX), and will be improved at a later stage. The same for the exterior textures, which are nowhere to be seen, but will be obviously coming in the future. The spinning fan in the cockpit, though, is particularly interesting. Who knew Russia could be warm?

The systems, however, are in a very advanced state and seemingly everything works. There’s a detailed simulation here, with complex start-up procedures where we see the electrical system reacting to the user inputs. The flight model is also being worked on, and there’s a lot to be done on that front.

All in all, this is just a development update that doesn’t bring many exciting news, but it’s good to see the developer hasn’t forgotten about it and continues to work on the project.

We know that soviet aircraft are not exactly what most people in the west care about, however we find it interesting that there will eventually be alternatives to the airbuses and boeings that dominate the rest of the world.