Digital Flight Dynamics continues work on freeware Airbus A350 for MSFS

It’s been almost a year since the last development update from Digital Flight Dynamics, a team of developers working on a promised high-fidelity freeware simulation of the mighty Airbus A350. The team isn’t very vocal outside of their Discord server, but still provides a yearly look into the ongoing work behind the scenes that at least gives an indication of the project’s current status.

So, it’s that time again! Digital Flight Dynamics has published another update in their “Discover 350” series, showcasing the A350 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator and what they have managed to implement over the last year.

This fourth episode delves deep into new enhancements that are shaping this ambitious addon into something that we expect to be quite special. Let’s take a look!

Fine-Tuned Avionics and Flight Planning

In the video, Plasma, the latest avionics expert to join the DFD team, walks us through the upgraded multifunction display (MFD). With the integration of FlyByWire Simulations’ FMS V2, planning a flight in the A350 promises to be as realistic as it gets. The system is now capable of processing detailed flight plans, including SID/STAR selection and transitions, directly through the MFD – just like in a real cockpit.

During the demo, Plasma shows how simmers can craft a flight plan from zero to ready. The process is intuitive, pulling data seamlessly from Simbrief to streamline route planning.


The update also details the implementation of checklists within the aircraft’s MFD. Checklists are accessible via the MFD menu, where pilots can interact with sensed and not sensed items. Sensed items are automatically marked complete by the aircraft’s systems when criteria are met, while not sensed items require manual verification.

digital flight dynamics a350 update may 2024 3

digital flight dynamics a350 update may 2024 2

digital flight dynamics a350 update may 2024 1

The checklist interface allows for manual marking, viewing item status through color codes, and resetting of items or entire checklists if necessary. This functionality is integrated seamlessly into the flight preparation workflow, enhancing the realism of the simulation by mimicking actual A350 operational procedures.

Realistic Textures and Models

This update also provides a new look into the level of visual detail in the cockpit. From the wear on the throttle levers to subtle signs of use like fingerprints, these textures tell a story of a well-used cockpit without going overboard.

The update didn’t just stop at the cockpit. The team has also been putting a lot of effort into areas of the aircraft that usually don’t get much spotlight, like the cargo bay. They’ve modeled everything down to the smoke detectors and the complex latching systems on the floor – details that might seem small but add up to a more complete model.

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Dynamic Systems Development

The team also gave us a peek into their work on the aircraft’s systems, particularly the fuel system. The update includes detailed demonstrations of automated responses, such as automatic switching to standby pumps when a main pump fails, and manual interventions like initiating fuel transfers to manage imbalances between the wings.

What’s Next?

DFD is crafting an experience that grows with community input. They’re inviting developers familiar with Rust to help refine the A350’s systems and encouraging pilots and aviation professionals to contribute their expertise. So, if you’d like to contribute, reach them out via their Discord.

Your Thoughts?

It’s important to remember that these developers are doing this in their spare time and will look to deliver a freeware aircraft for simmers to enjoy. What are your thoughts on the progress they’ve made over the past year? Drop your comments below!