Yawman Arrow: Revolutionary Flight Sim Controller Now Available in the U.S.

The Yawman Arrow, an innovative new flight simulation controller, is now available in the United States. This device integrates a yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals into a single, handheld unit, targeting both casual and serious flight simulation enthusiasts.

Design and Innovation

Thomas Nield, co-founder of Yawman, described the development of the Arrow: “This has been a methodical journey to bring together all the familiar pieces of flight simulation hardware into an ultra-mobile form factor without compromising the virtual flying experience.”

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Yawman hopes that this unique combination of multiple controllers into one device will justify the $249 entry price, presenting it as an affordable option. The Arrow is designed and manufactured in the USA, which not only serves as an interesting selling point but also likely contributes to higher production costs.

The Arrow offers a new experience for simmers, suitable for various settings including on-the-go, with VR headsets, or as part of a minimalist home setup. It’s also useful for real-world flight training and familiarization.

Unique Features

The Yawman Arrow introduces several innovative features to the flight simulation market. Essentially, it’s a console-like handheld controller that includes mechanically-linked triggers for rudder control, an integrated trim wheel, and other elements aimed at enhancing realism in flight simulation. “We’ve brought deliberate precision to Yawman, making it a multi-function controller that requires no additional configuration software to maximize its plug-and-play utility,” Nield explained.

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Yawman Arrow flight sim controller 2

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The Arrow is designed to be adaptable for various aircraft types, from small general aviation aircraft to helicopters and high-performance jets. It offers configurable profiles for different aircraft, aiming to provide a comprehensive experience for users of all skill levels.

Technical Specifications

The Arrow features seven programmable axes, vernier-style engine controls, an integrated trim wheel, shoulder bumper buttons, a D-pad, a five-way hat switch, and a multifunction six-pack of buttons. It is compatible with various flight simulation platforms, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Infinite Flight, Prepar3D, and DCS World. However, it’s notably not compatible with Xbox, which seems like a missed opportunity.

At $249, the Yawman Arrow is certainly a pricey investment, especially considering its puzzling lack of Xbox compatibility. Will it be convincing enough for you? For more information on the Yawman Arrow, visit yawmanflight.com or Sporty’s Pilot Shop.