F-14 Tomcat: Indiafoxtecho and Heatblur Simulations share teaser video

Heatblur Simulations and Indiafoxtecho are at the helm of one of the community’s most eagerly anticipated projects: the F-14 Tomcat! Since its announcement earlier this year, this project has progressed at a swift pace and has just been spotlighted in a thrilling video showing the aircraft in flight within MSFS.

This sneak peek presents the striking level of detail invested in the project, with remarkable visuals born from meticulous modeling and texturing. Without a doubt, this aircraft will turn heads!

In a brief statement shared via social media, Heatblur Simulations and Indiafoxtecho conveyed that the F-14 project is rapidly advancing. With the recent announcement of MSFS 2024 in mind, the team also assures fans that this ambitious venture is by no means a short-term endeavor, but rather a long-term commitment.

Even though the project is still in the throes of development, the fruits of the team’s tireless efforts and passion are evident. If everything goes according to plan, we might even witness the release of the F-14 before the year’s end! While we wait, enjoy the spectacular preview video above, and stay tuned for more updates as we track the F-14’s development journey on the runway to its release!