SoFly announces Animals for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Amongst all the announcements made during FlightSimExpo, some of which we have already covered and others that we will talk about in more detail in the coming days, there’s one that’s a bit out of the norm: SoFly’s “Animals“. This is an attempt from SoFly to enhance the simulator experience by introducing a variety of new species of animals for players to discover as they explore the world.

With Animals, simmers will have the opportunity to populate their virtual worlds with a vast array of species that roam our real world. From the majestic whales of the oceans to the lions of the African savannah, and even farmyard favourites like pigs, horses, and sheep, the new addition promises to add a fresh layer of realism and excitement to your flights. Sounds familiar? Microsoft announced what seems to be a very similar feature coming to its 2024 edition of MSFS.

animals for msfs sofly 1

animals for msfs sofly 2

animals for msfs sofly 7

animals for msfs sofly 9

A major allure of this new product is the high quality of the animal designs. Each new species has been carefully crafted to suit its environment, thanks to cutting-edge 3D modelling and expert texturing. Meticulous animations bring the animals to life, with many of them roaming or flying around the world, challenging simmers to locate them from the skies. This feature extends across all seven continents, transforming the entire globe into a lively and interactive wildlife sanctuary.

SoFly promises that this is only the beginning of Animals for Microsoft Flight Simulator. SoFly has indicated that more details about future species, missions, and other features will be shared as we approach the release of this unique product for the simulator.

In terms of compatibility, Animals will work with both Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, with PC and Xbox in mind. The full list of features and pricing details are yet to be confirmed and will be disclosed soon. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below!