(GoFundMe campaign now live) iniBuilds donating 25% of all revenue on its online store to relief efforts in Turkey and Syria

Update: GoFundMe campaign now live! Besides the donation from its online store revenue, iniBuilds also set up a fundraiser campaign with the goal of raising an additional amount of funds to support those in need in Turkey and Syria. Pledge your support!

Tragedy struck Turkey and Syria this week as a powerful earthquake rocked the ground and threw millions into despair. Tragic events ask for the solidarity of everyone in the world who is able to provide some help, and this is what iniBuilds is looking to do with a special campaign aimed at supporting relief efforts in the affected region.

In a press release sent to media, iniBuilds announced that, until Sunday 23.59 UTC, 25% of all revenue generated through the iniBuilds store will be donated to charity in an effort to provide relief and assistance to those in need.

Besides this campaign, iniBuilds is also setting up a GoFundMe page for everyone who wishes to contribute to this fundraiser and help the people in need in Turkey and Syria.

This commendable attitude from iniBuilds is a reminder that everyone in the flight simulation community can play an important role in getting help to where it’s needed the most. If you’re planning to purchase something new for your flight simulator, know that 25% of what you’re paying will revert to a cause that is in all our hearts and souls these days.