A2A’s Accu-Sim Comanche for MSFS just days away from going into beta

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news from A2A Simulations and their efforts to finally launch their first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Comanche 250. After posting the first preview images of the aircraft back in the summer, A2A went silent once again… until now!

As usual, speaking on the company’s forums, A2A’s owner Scott Gentile provided further insights about the current state of things at the company, why the slow development pace, and exciting details about the new Accu-Sim technology being developed for the years ahead.

Scott revealed that, contrary to popular opinion, A2A has not taken on any projects with the military for over two years. In fact, the team has been 100% concentrated on “bringing a brand new Accu-Sim technology into MSFSand has been working on this nonstop. Unfortunately, this is a mammoth task that has taken A2A much longer than anticipated.

A2A Comanche 250 for MSFS 2

While this has been unfortunate for those who’ve enjoyed A2A’s work over the years, it’s been for a good cause. Scott says that the new Accu-Sim is light years ahead of what they had before and will carry A2A long into the future. Has an example of what is possible with the new Accu-Sim, Scott told a small story that shows how Accu-Sim is capable of accurately simulate an aircraft’s behavior by simply building the actual airplane, prop, and engine:

“The new Accu-Sim engine is so impressive it can tell us how an airplane will fly before we even fly it. Just by building the actual airplane, prop and engine. To give an example, the first time we built the Comanche using the new physics tech I added full power and the nose went way up. And I thought “that’s not right.” Now keep in mind, I’ve flown this Comanche since 2012, over 1000 hrs. It’s like a nice broken in pair of shoes. However I learned something, that we as pilots do things in the cockpit subconsciously. When a pilot adds power in an airplane, he or she naturally and without consciousness, applies forward pressure on the yoke. It’s just pure habit and instinct because, after many hours of flying the brain automates this action. So I took the Comanche up to test this so I could “tune it” in the sim. It turned out it was exactly correct. Speed, attitude, climb rate, ball deflection and rudder required were spot on. No tuning required. Just to get this right before required about 100 sim load/tweak/load actions. This new tech, right out of the gates, spot on.”, said Scott.

A2A Simulations Comanche 250 MSFS 1

With that said, the current Accu-Sim Comanche 250 for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be worked on “at a feverish pace and, if all goes well, should be ready for test flying by the beta team in just a few days. Scott says that once the beta team has tested the aircraft for around two weeks, they will have better visibility about a true release state for the package!

So, there you have it. A2A is alive and kicking, building the foundations for the future and fully focused on Microsoft Flight Simulator. For fans of A2A’s products, it couldn’t be better than this… we just have to exercise a little more patience!