Northern Sky Studios returns to Alaska and releases Juneau International Airport for MSFS

Northern Sky Studios has released a new airport in Alaska for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After launching Yakutat Airport in the summer, the Ukrainian developer went to work on one of the main airports in Alaska: PAJN Juneau International Airport.

Northern Sky Studios is sort of an expert in Alaska airports and continues to grow his portfolio in the region. The detailed sceneries are made even more impressive considering the developer’s tough predicament amidst the current unstable working conditions in Ukraine. Still, Northern Sky Studios continues to work and putting out remarkable products that make each location even more compelling in the simulator!

Juneau International Airport serves as a regional hub in the Juneau area, serving small bush carriers and major US airlines like Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines, which connect to the lower US states.

PAJN Juneau Airport MSFS 3

PAJN Juneau Airport MSFS 2

PAJN Juneau Airport MSFS 1

The short hop between Juneau and Yakutat airports is perfect for flying the 737 under Alaska Airlines colors. With PMDG’s brilliant aircraft and the two detailed airports from Northern Sky Studios, without even mentioning Orbx’s Alaska Mesh that also contributes to a better scenery outside, this is a very realistic route that simmers can fly with high-quality visuals from beginning to end!

PAJN Juneau International Airport is out for MSFS, priced at around $19.00 through Contrail.

Main Features:

  • The most detailed replica of airport buildings and vehicles
  • Custom surroundings
  • All materials created for full PBR
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all airport buildings
  • High-resolution building textures
  • Use of native, highly efficient gITF models
  • Custom orthophoto for the airport and surrounding areas

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