Burning Blue Design releases Fenland Aerodrome for MSFS

Burning Blue Design has found a nice rhythm for new airport releases, consistently putting out new product every month for most of this year. After last month’s EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield, the team is now out with another airfield in the UK: EGCL Fenland Aerodrome.

Fenland Aerodrome is located in Lincolnshire, in the East Midlands of England, in a central location to go out and explore either the south or north of Great Britain. It’s notoriously difficult to find without a GPS, as its grass runways look like the open countryside that surrounds them, with no distinct landmarks nearby to help.

This is another one of those small and charming airfields in the UK, a place that feels like home for local aviation enthusiasts. Visitors will always find a welcoming atmosphere at Fenland. Aircraft activity is always present, either from the local Flying School or private owners of varied small aircraft types.

EGCL Fenland Aerodrome MSFS 1

EGCL Fenland Aerodrome MSFS 5

EGCL Fenland Aerodrome MSFS 4

EGCL Fenland Aerodrome MSFS 2

Burning Blue Design says that this new scenery was carefully built over hundreds of hours with the help of resources and information gathered on-site and even an aerial tour of the airfield. The team created dozens of unique 3D objects that faithfully represent Fenland and hand-placed thousands of objects so that every feature of the real location gets accurately translated into the virtual world.

Fenland Aerodrome is out now via Burning Blue Design’s website, priced at £8.95. See below for more details about some of the cool features in this product!

  • Over 70 custom 3D objects have been created exclusively for Fenland Aerodrome, each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR), allowing for far more realistic textures
  • There are tens of thousands of carefully placed stock assets, every fence, picnic table and tree, along with an assortment of visitors and staff, has been placed in the correct location ensuring an atmosphere of a working airfield.
  • High resolution colour corrected ground textures taken from Bing maps and manipulated for consistency and realism which far surpasses the quality of the stock Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ground texture.
  • Based on 2022 layout with accurate runway markings, taxiways and custom taxi signs and a working custom Windsock.
  • Highly detailed control tower and hangar interiors and animated hangar doors which close and open between dawn and dusk.
  • Actual aircraft from the aerodrome the have been included and placed in accurate locations:
  • De Havilland Chipmunk Mk20 “1350” in Portuguese Air Force livery.
  • Ikarus C42 G-NDPA, a frequent visitor to the airfield.
  • Full night lighting has been placed across the airfield and within and around the hangars and buildings.
  • Correct AI pattern procedures and accurate taxiway and runway placement have been incorporated into the release.