The DC Designs Harrier II for MSFS is nearly ready, new project to be announced soon

The Harrier Jump Jet is about to land in Microsoft Flight Simulator. DC Designs’ latest military aircraft is slated for a launch this month, and all the pieces appear to be falling into place ahead of the release, judging from the latest progress update and preview images that were recently shared by the developer.

The Harrier Jump Jet has quickly sprouted into life over the last few months, keeping up with DC Designs’ typically fast development time. Modeling, texturing, animations, and programming are all either complete or nearly there, and have been receiving final adjustments.

The VTOL system, the hallmark characteristic of the Harrier, has been a focus point by the development team and it’s definitely the feature most simmers look forward to trying in the aircraft. DC Designs appears confident that this capability is accurately replicated in the Harrier, even enabling the aircraft to “bow” to the crowd as it does in some aerial displays.

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 11

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 10

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 9

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 8

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 7

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 6

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 5

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 3

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 2

DC Designs Harrier II MSFS previews 1

The last images of the Harrier present a good-looking aircraft inside and out. It looks like a decent visual upgrade over previous DC Designs efforts, which is definitely welcome if proven true. All that is left is for a release date to be established, which we reckon should take place soon… probably after the unveiling of a new project that has been kept secret for months!

That’s right, DC Designs revealed this week that a “very secret” project has been underway for some time, in a partnership between DC Designs and another new developer. They have been working on a new modern fighter airplane for MSFS, sharing development responsibilities: DC Designs works on the model and animations, while the other developer does the flight model, systems, and coding.

Further details about this project will be revealed next week, but DC Designs says that this secret airplane is “tremendous fun to fly in MSFS”. A release is expected in a month or so! This new partnership aims to develop new aircraft behind the scenes and release them quickly after a late announcement for both PC and Xbox.

DC Designs has a few projects on the roadmap for the coming months, like the A-10, SU-27, and more… so it’s got to be a different one. Any bets? The F-22? The Typhoon?? Place your bets below… and stay tuned for the full disclosure next week!