SamScene3D launches Beijing City Times, a complete rendition of China’s capital for MSFS

SamScene3D continues pursuing its goal to bring the world’s megacities to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially those located in Asia. The team has now launched what is possibly their biggest project yet, dedicated to China’s capital city, Beijing.

Beijing City Times is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator and brings with it a dramatic change to the Beijing scenery in the simulator. SamScene3D has added over 2000 custom buildings of all kinds to the city, including large apartment complexes, houses, and many known landmarks.

The stock Beijing scenery in MSFS is quite generic. From high above, the agglomeration of buildings below gives a decent impression of flying over a big city, but at lower altitudes, this impression quickly fades into boredom. SamScene3D’s work changes that dramatically, with a highly realistic and accurate depiction of the city that looks simply stunning!

SamScene3D recreated the sprawling Beijing with great detail, especially when it comes to the main landmarks in the city. Iconic locations such as Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden City are realistically implemented, along with hundreds of other points of interest like banks, hotels, parks, stadiums, and much more.

Chinese simmers should absolutely love this rendition of their capital city, but western pilots may also be drawn to explore Asia if they see an interesting representation of a legendary city such as Beijing. Plus, with long real-world routes connecting Europe and the US to China, there are a good number of opportunities to simulate a stunning arrival at Beijing, enjoying the impressive scenery provided by SamScene3D while approaching the also-great and fully compatible WF Scenery Studio’s rendition of Beijing International Airport.

Beijing City Times totally deserves your attention and is now available through Orbx and Simmarket, priced at around $18.

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 8

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 7

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 6

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 5

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 3

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 2

SamScene3D Beijing MSFS 1

Main features:

  • Added over 2000 apartments, houses and buildings
  • Many landmarks reworked such as TianAn Men Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven 3. many streets with shopping malls, banks, hotels, parks, venue, exhibition, stadiums, stations, etc
  • Beautiful night effect
  • The Great Wall
  • Compatible with WF Studio ZBAA airport addon