Replace the default ATC with FSHud – Air Traffic Control, now available for MSFS

The default ATC system in Microsoft Flight Simulator is known to be… lackluster, to say the least. It’s one of the areas that could use some major improvements, but Asobo/Microsoft are probably assuming that simmers looking for a realistic ATC experience will turn to VATSIM/IVAO, so there is little incentive to improve the core experience for everyone else.

Thankfully, we have third-party developers to come to the rescue. Flight1, a well-known development studio and publisher in the flight simulation community, has launched FSHud – Air Traffic Control for Microsoft Flight Simulator, attempting to replace the default ATC simulation with a more realistic system, powered by a new interface, built-in air traffic management, and better and more accurate communication options.

FSHud has been available for a while in P3D, but the latest update added support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, all in a single package. This means that MSFS simmers can now purchase and install FSHud for their favorite simulator and enjoy a new implementation of air traffic control in the simulator.

FSHud is more than a simple communication tool to navigate in the skies of MSFS. It handles all the traffic flowing in the simulator, keeping everyone separated and following realistic procedures during all stages of flight. Flight1 promises that this is a much more realistic system than the default implementation, also because pilots will have to submit their desired flight plans in FSHud, just as they would with a real air traffic controller.

With FSHud, simmers have the ability to listen to two different channels, each with its own independent volumes. Besides, FSHud helps the pilot with routine tasks, such as automatic position reporting and switching comm channels. In the other line of the channel, pilots will find different voices, with more to come in future updates.

For now, FSHud supports IFR flight only, but Flight1 is planning to add VFR flight support as the software matures.

Learn more about the functionality of FSHud on the official website, where you will also find a couple of videos that may give you an idea of how this tool works and what it brings to MSFS.

FSHud – Air Traffic Control is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at $34.95.