AmSim releases Cagliari Elmas Airport for MSFS

AmSim has released LIEE Cagliari Elmas Airport, its third airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After Palermo and Madeira, the developer is now returning to Italy with the main airport on the island of Sardinia. And it looks pretty neat!

Cagliari Elmas Airport is located in the south of the island, near Cagliari, the biggest city in the region. It’s the primary means of transportation to and from Sardinia, with more than 4 million passengers served per year. Sardinia is an increasingly popular tourist destination for Europeans, so the airport gets a wide variety of seasonal flights from many European capitals, with airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Eurowings, and more.

AmSim did an impressive job with their previous two airports, and the team seems to continue to up the ante with this newest release. The official product images for Cagliari Elmas Airport look quite impressive, with an extensive re-creation of the buildings and other nearby structures. Even the sidewalks and decorative plants have been modeled in 3D.

Cagliari Airport MSFS 1

Cagliari Airport MSFS 3

Cagliari Airport MSFS 4

Cagliari Airport MSFS 5

Cagliari Airport MSFS 6

Cagliari Airport MSFS 7

Cagliari Airport MSFS 8

Cagliari Airport MSFS 10

Cagliari Airport MSFS 11

Cagliari Airport MSFS 12

The detailed modeling of the airport is accompanied by high-resolution textures, from the walls to the roads and ground markings in the apron and runway.

AmSim’s rendition of Cagliari Elmas Airport looks to be an impressive airport to add to your portfolio, either if you’re looking to explore Sardinia or just flying short routes to continental Europe on board the latest high-fidelity airliners to hit MSFS, such as the Fenix A320, PMDG 737, Just Flight BAe 146, or the Maddog X.

LIEE Cagliari Elmas Airport is now available from Orbx, priced at just €11,93 | £10.15 | $12.83.

Key Features:

  • High resolution ground textures
  • Custom ground markings
  • High-resolution custom ground textures, dirt and other details
  • Detailed Main terminal
  • Surrounding buildings fully modeled