Here are some of our favorite liveries for the PMDG 737-700 in MSFS

PMGD launched its initial variant of the Boeing 737 for MSFS with great aplomb, after many months of hype, teasers, and even a little drama. The 737 is now finally available for all airliner simmers to enjoy, and with it PMDG released a few liveries to get people started. However, a few weeks after the launch, there’s now a host of great third-party repaints that you should definitely check out for your next flights!

Some people like to always use the same livery, pretending to fly for a specific airline and doing the usual real-world routes of a particular aircraft. Others change up clothes depending on where they’re flying: today with Ryanair colors between London and Brussels, tomorrow with American Airlines from Miami to New York.

No matter what kind of role you like to play in the flight deck of the 737, below you will find some of our favorites liveries from third-party creators, ranging from some of the biggest 737 passenger and cargo operators to a few special options! All are available for free at and easily installable through the PMDG Operations Center or directly to your Community folder.

pmdg 737 msfs ryanair livery

Ryanair (EI-SEV)

It’s one of the most ubiquitous airplanes in European airports, sporting the familiar blue and yellow hues of Ryanair. Here with a slightly darker blue color than the stock PMDG livery.

pmdg 737 msfs lufthansa modern livery

Lufthansa (D-ABEH)

Germany’s flag carrier with its current colors and layout.

pmdg 737 msfs american airlines livery

American Airlines

One of America’s Big 4, here represented with a realistic weathered/dirty livery for the 737. Also one of the largest 737 operators in the world.

pmdg 737 msfs tui livery


TUI is the largest charter airline in the world, operating out of the UK to destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

pmdg 737 msfs transavia livery

Transavia (PH-XRX)

The low-cost carrier from Netherlands operates nearly 100 Boeing 737s, but the entire fleet is being replaced by A320neos. Not in MSFS!

pmdg 737 msfs british airways livery

British Airways (G-LGT)

The flag carrier of the UK and Heathrow’s main operator. Currently not operating any 737, but still a great choice if you’d like to have a narrow body Boeing in Union Jack colors.

pmdg 737 msfs fedex livery

FedEx (OE-IWE)

One of the world’s largest cargo airlines, FedEx flies all around the globe with its familiar purple and orange colors.

pmdg 737 msfs lufthansa livery

Retro Lufthansa

A beautiful old-school Lufthansa livery, reminiscent of the 1960s colors sported by Germany’s largest airline.

pmdg 737 msfs usaf livery

USAF 737-700 BBJ

A stunning livery representing the United States Air Force C-40 B, used to carry senior military and government leaders.

pmdg 737 msfs air canada livery

Air Canada

Canada’s flag carrier and largest airline gets its own livery for the PMDG 737, with the current colors and design.

pmdg 737 msfs dhl livery


DHL’s eye-catching airplanes are immediately recognizable anywhere in the world. Deliver some cargo across the planet with this beautiful livery for the PMDG 737.

pmdg 737 msfs air new zealand livery

Air New Zealand (ZK-OXX)

New Zealand’s flag carrier no longer operates the 737, so this is an opportunity to rewrite history in MSFS. Always a striking livery no matter the aircraft!

pmdg 737 msfs air factory 2 livery

Factory Rollout livery

What if you don’t actually fly for an airline, but instead deliver each brand new Boeing 737 for the painters to work their art? This is how each aircraft leaves the factory after assembly.

These are just some of the liveries that have catched our eye in the recent weeks, but there are many more to discover in Do you have a special favorite that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!