The Milviz 310 is coming to MSFS on May 4th

At long last, Milviz is finally ready to unleash their latest creation to Microsoft Flight Simulator pilots. The 310, Cessna’s beloved twin-engined oldie, will be released for MSFS next week, on May 4th. To celebrate the occasion, Milviz will be offering free copies during a special live stream set to begin at 1:00 PM EDT!

The Milviz 310 for MSFS has been teased for a long time, even before MSFS released back in August 2020. Almost two years later, after some development setbacks and delays, this hugely promising aircraft will finally take to the skies.

Milviz will be holding a live Twitch stream on May 4th to celebrate the launch day for the 310. The team promises a lot of surprises and will be offering a free copy every 10 minutes during the stream. It will be a great way to try to get your hands on this highly-awaited airplane! We’ll be following the live event closely and bring you a detailed round-up of the news and whatever surprises Milviz reveals during the stream.

The Milviz 310 will then be released later that day. No exact time for the launch has been revealed for now, and neither has pricing. Expect a release in Milviz’s own store, initially, extending later to other vendors. The Marketplace version should only come a few weeks later.

Milviz Cessna 310R MSFS 10

Milviz Cessna 310R MSFS 9

milviz 310R MSFS header

The stakes are high for the Milviz 310, which we’re expecting to be one of the most realistic and immersive airplanes yet for MSFS. Milviz has promised a very detailed simulation of this classic Cessna, with a strong focus on realism and accuracy. Simmers will be able to customize the experience to their preference, either by setting the aircraft to behave as closely as possible to the original or by toning down some realism settings for a more relaxed experience.

The Milviz 310 will come with an EFB that will enable a variety of cool functions. These will include, for example, extensive maintenance options. Since the 310 will support state-saving, simmers will need to carefully monitor the condition status of crucial engine components and inspect, repair and overhaul as needed.

Another interesting feature that will be available in the EFB is a “passenger satisfaction meter”, which will measure the well-being of your passengers in real-time and provide visual feedback on how they are evaluating your flying abilities.

We’ll finally be able to see all of this very soon… and we may even have an early hands-on preview to share with you ahead of the release, so stay tuned for that!

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