Drzewiecki Design releases Renton Municipal Airport for MSFS with fully modeled and animated Boeing factory

Drzewiecki Design is out this week with a very cool new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The prolific development team, which counts already with a series of notable releases in MSFS (Chicago Midway, Washington National, or Narita, to name just a few) has now released a new airport in the United States, this time in the Pacific Northwest: Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT).

Renton is a public use airport, mostly used by general aviation aircraft. There is, however, a notable exception: Boeing airplanes, more specifically the 737 and 757, which have been built at Renton since 1966. Nowadays, the factory produces the latest 737 variants, which continue to use the adjacent Renton Airport on their maiden flights.

With this new project for MSFS, Drzewiecki Design looks to deliver a comprehensive and immersive scenery that goes well beyond the recreation of just the airport and its specific features. A good amount of work has naturally been put in creating a detailed model of KRNT, with all the usual features we expect from such an addon in MSFS: detailed buildings and textures, dynamic lighting, PBR materials, sloped terrain, and more. But the real highlight of this scenery is the fully modeled Boeing Renton Factory.

Drzewiecki Design went to great lengths to create a virtual replica of the Renton factory in great detail. Not only is it fully modeled and accurately textured, but it also features an animated assembly line, where simmers and virtual visitors will be able to see how 737s are made. With custom animated people, vehicles, trains, and aircraft parts, it seems Drzewiecki Design really brought this location to life for MSFS users!

Drzewiecki Design’s KRNT Renton for MSFS is available now, priced at $20.00.

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 13

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 12

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 11

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 10

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 8

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 7

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 6

KRNT Renton Airport MSFS 5

Main features:

  • A high-quality model of KRNT Renton Municipal Airport, featuring extensive details throughout the whole airport area, FPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lighting, and supreme PBR materials
  • High definition mesh including exact runway profile
  • Fully modeled Boeing Renton Factory with an animated assembly line, where you can see by yourself how 737s are made
  • Custom-animated people, vehicles, and trains
  • Sound engineered specifically for this product for ultimate immersion

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