Visit the charming Mountain Air Airport, in North Carolina, with PILOT’s latest MSFS scenery

In case you didn’t notice, PILOT’S released a few days ago a bespoke scenery for Mountain Air Airport, a charming altiport in North Carolina that features some unique characteristics.

2NC0 Mountain Air Airport is a private airstrip located at the heart of the Mountain Air Community. The airfield itself is a private infrastructure, requiring permission to land prior to arrival. At 2875 feet long and at an altitude of 4436 feet, it’s the highest runway east of the Mississippi and can prove to be a challenge to less experienced pilots.

2NC0 is surrounded by lush vegetation, amidst the hilly terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The airport features a unique sloped runway that helps airplanes slow down after touchdown, and can accommodate general aviation aircraft along with small private jets and helicopters.

When visiting Mountain Air, simmers will be presented with stunning vistas of this community, which include many beautiful homes, pools, and the golf course of Mountain Air Country Club, which surrounds the runway on nearly all sides.

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 3

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 2

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 1

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 10

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 9

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 7

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 6

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 5

Mountain Air Airport MSFS 4

For this re-creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator, PILOT’S promises an accurate layout of the airport, custom mesh for the area, improved aerial imagery, and more.

Due to its interesting predicament, Mountain Air is an exciting location to fly-in, but pilots need to be aware of the surroundings, which leave a small margin for error. Still, this is a beautiful location to explore, and it’s a destination that any general aviation pilot should definitely consider in a tour around the United States.

2NC0 Mountain Air Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at $14.20.

Main features:

  • Accurate representation of the 2021 Mountain Air Airport layout
  • Fully native MSFS scenery, not a conversion
  • Unique altiport featuring a significant runway slope
  • Custom crafted mesh to accurately represent the many hills and mountainous terrain around the airport
  • Zeit-Dynamic scenery features create a unique and ever-changing airport environment
  • 18+ square kilometers hand-crafted photoreal satellite imagery

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