Digital Design releases Leipzig/Halle Airport for MSFS

Digital Design has been creating some truly impressive airports and scenery packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We were impressed with the developer’s recreation of the Russian resort of Sochi, which included not only the city’s airport but also a comprehensive rework of the overall urban scenery, with plenty of points of interest to discover. Digital Design did the same thing last year with Salzburg, in Austria.

Today, Digital Design releases another impressive add-on for MSFS, although this time it’s exclusively dedicated to recreating an airport, EDDP Leipzig/Halle Airport, in Germany. EDDP is just the 11th largest airport in the country by passenger numbers, but it’s actually a major cargo hub, the fifth-busiest in Europe and the second in the country, just after Frankfurt.

These impressive cargo numbers are mostly due to DHL, which operates its main European hub in Leipzig/Halle Airport. DHL has a massive presence in the airport, after moving here its operations from Brussels Airport in 2008.

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 10

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 9

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 7

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 6

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 5

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 4

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 3

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 2

EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport MSFS 1

Digital Design appears to have another winner here, with a photorealistic airport that looks very detailed. The product images show great attention to detail, with many airport vehicles and clutter, custom vegetation, a variety of cargo airplanes, and more. There’s even a model of the Antonov An-124, the huge cargo airplane that often visits the airport.

If you’re familiar with EDDP, you’ll notice that some things are missing, such as the recently opened Amazon Hub. However, the developer promises he’s working on forthcoming free updates that will add new structures and even interior modeling.

Leipzig/Halle Airport is now available from Contrail, priced at just €15.50 plus applicable tax.


  • Detailed airport objects and vehicles
  • Photorealistic PBR textures on the airport buildings
  • Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron
  • Many detailed airport vehicles.
  • Animated custom jetways
  • Custom bridges over the highway
  • Custom 3D models of vegetation and trees.
  • Static cargo planes on aprons.
  • Advanced night lighting
  • The actual state of the Leipzig-Halle airport

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