4Simmers releases Deauville – Normandie Airport for MSFS

4Simmers has released a new airport for MSFS, this time in the French region of Normandy. After a recent launch in North America with Lake County Airport (KLXV), the developers have now turned to Europe to recreate Deauville – Normandie Airport (LFRG).

Deauville – Normandie Airport is a small international airport near Deauville, a prestigious seaside resort in France that is often visited by the rich and famous. The airport handles around 150.000 passengers per year and serves some popular holiday destinations in southern Europe such as Spain, Italy and Greece.

LFRG has a single runway and terminal building, along with a large parking lot for passengers and visitors. 4Simmers recreated all this scenery looking to deliver a faithful virtual version of this airport, with highly detailed buildings and realistic textures, custom aerial imagery and ground markings, improved elevation data, and the addition of cars and people around the scenery to make it feel more real and alive.

LFRG – Deauville Normandie is now available for purchase for around 15€.

LFRG Deauville Airport MSFS 6

LFRG Deauville Airport MSFS 5

LFRG Deauville Airport MSFS 4

LFRG Deauville Airport MSFS 3

LFRG Deauville Airport MSFS 2


  • Faithful portrayal of the airport
  • Highly detailed models
  • Custom aerial image and marks
  • Up-to-date elevation data to 10m accuracy
  • Cars, people and other objects to bring the airport to life

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