MSX Creations releases Katoomba Airfield (Australia) for MSFS

Katoomba Airfield (YKAT) is located about 50nm from Sydney, in Australia, and is mostly abandoned at this point. It’s completely surrounded by the Blue Mountains National Park and its future is under continued discussion, with some people defending its usefulness as a spot for emergency services, while others defend its incorporation into the national park.

Katoomba Airfield had an important role in the protection of lives and property in the Blue Mountains region from bushfires and other natural disasters and also acts as an airborne safety ramp for all small aircraft traveling across the inhospitable lands that surround it. But, right now, Katoomba airfield is closed to civil aviation, although it can still be used by emergency services. There are some plans to lease the airport for commercial operations, but this is being hotly debated among the community. The truth is that Katoomba is quickly falling into a state of disrepair while its future stands in peril.

YKAT Katoomba will at least survive in Flight Simulator. MSX Creations has just released a nicely detailed recreation of this airfield with over 400 hand-placed objects, realistic buildings and high-resolution textures. Also included is the memorial dedicated to Rodney Hay, an experienced pilot who lived at the airfield and fought tirelessly to keep it operational. At the age of 80, he died nearby at the controls of a Jabiru.

YKAT Katoomba is a nice little spot to visit in your tours across Australia and is now available for a very accessible price: AUS $7.99.