Orbx releases EGHI Southampton Airport for MSFS, grab it now with a 30% discount

Orbx has released today Southampton Airport (EGHI) for Flight Simulator. It’s a bit of a surprising release, with no prior announcement, but great news anyway to our UK readers. Furthermore, you can get EGHI at a 30% discount during a short period of time!

This release comes as the first entry into a new Throwback Thursday range that Orbx is launching. These are classic airports from the studio, which are now being brought to MSFS with a nice discount.

Southampton Airport is located in southern England, in an area that includes photogrammetry data in Flight Simulator. Orbx claims the airport sits well with this highly detailed scenery, and the highly detailed airport itself should be a great addition to the city of Southampton and anyone looking to fly around the area.

Southampton Airport MSFS 1

Southampton Airport MSFS 4

Southampton Airport MSFS 2

Despite being a “classic”, Orbx promises a reimagined airport scenery for MSFS, featuring the faithfulness that we come to expect from the studio. From the brick-paved aprons to the nearby factories and other buildings, Orbx’s EGHI should be easily recognizable for those familiar with the real airport.

EGHI Southampton Airport is now available through OrbxDirect for just £6.22 | $8.57 | €7,22.

Key Features

  • Fully custom modeled airport
  • Super detailed brick-paved apron
  • Reworked original with updated PBR
  • Great night, apron, taxiway and approach lighting
  • Many custom local buildings

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