Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander coming soon to MSFS, by Black Box Simulation

Here’s a nice little surprise! It has come to our attention that Black Box Simulation, creators of the rather interesting ‘Bird Dog’ that was released for Flight Simulator last September, are now on the final stage of development of their new aircraft for MSFS: the British Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, a brilliant island hopper that will surely pose a challenge to the upcoming Twin Otter from CRJ.

The BN-2 Islander is a popular British light utility airplane, first introduced in the 60s and still very actively operated all over the world. It has been especially prolific with short flights, hopping between islands in the Seychelles or as air ambulances in Scotland, among many other activities.

Black Box is promising a release within days, so we are looking for a release shortly. The team is apparently putting the final rivets into the product, gathering some precious feedback from beta testers. It’s unclear at this point how much we will get from this release, such as what variant is being reproduced, what liveries to expect, and so on. It will firstly be available from the developer’s website, coming to the MSFS Marketplace at a later date.

We have a bunch of images already, showing both the exterior and the interior of this peculiar bird. While the images look mostly good, we can’t help but feel that the model looks somewhat “low poly”, but we will reserve such judgments until we see the final product. Mind you that this is a brand new model for MSFS (and systems too), but let’s see what this will look like in its final form.

Remember, Black Box Simulation has already something to show for, with their Cessna Bird Dog. At the time of its release last September, this taildragger was mildly received, but the developers have put consistent work on updating and improving the aircraft in such a way that it’s now well-beloved among customers, which is definitely promising looking into the release of the BN-2 Islander.

As usual, you can count on our timely updated regarding this new upcoming airplane for MSFS, so stay tuned for further news!

Update May 5th: Fixed typo. Thanks Chock!