Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante coming soon to MSFS, by NextGen Simulations

NextGen Simulations is about to launch their first airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the latest development update, the studio detailed that their Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante is almost ready to take off, and will be coming to MSFS in April.

The ‘Bandeirante’ is a Brazilian twin-turboprop from Embraer, introduced in the ’60s and serving both military and civilian purposes. It’s capable of carrying up to 21 passengers at a cruise speed of 222 knots.

NextGen Simulations is bringing this aircraft to Flight Simulator very soon, as it seems development is mostly done. The team shared many images showing both the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Whilst it doesn’t seem to be the most impressive graphical model, it’s likely to be an interesting airplane, considering the developer’s history with previous products on other platforms.

There’s no price yet, neither a clear release date, but the developers promise a release for mid-April, at most. As usual, we’ll let you when it’s available! Make sure to check the latest aircraft releases for MSFS here.

In the meantime, check the existing screenshots below:

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