Bushtalk Radio is a great way to discover landmarks in MSFS and get audio tours about them

Flight Simulator is the perfect virtual tourism sandbox. The entire world is totally there waiting to be discovered, which is both exciting and dauting. After all, how do you decide where you will be going today?

Meet Bushtalk Radio, a community driven project that greatly enhances the way you discover new interesting places in the world of MSFS, and gives you small audio tours explaining what they are. These audio clips are automatically played when you approach the location, giving the perfect impression of being in a real-world tourist tour.

Bushtalk Radio is completely free and extremely easy to use. You must first create an account at bushtalkradio.com, where you can also see the world map and all the included points of interest. You can also see here the locations of other logged-in users, and this browser window must be open at all times for Bushtalk Radio to work.

Then, just download the necessary client, put it in your Community folder, and fire up MSFS. Bushtalk Radio will be available to login through the in-game toolbar. And that’s it! Now, when you come near one of the thousands of included landmarks and POI’s, you will hear a nice audio description of that specific location.

All the in-game POI’s are included, plus hundreds if additional location created by the community. And you can create your own points!

There’s so much to discover here that if you really take the time to visit these places you’ll for sure become a flying encyclopedia. Overall, a very cool idea that is perfectly executed, and a great new way to spend your time in Flight Simulator!

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