Visit to discover beautiful new places to see in Flight Simulator

Representing the entire world in all its glory, Microsoft Flight Simulator is absolutely packed with the beautiful, intriguing and colourful landscapes that our planet can provide. And that world is so vast, so full of diversity, that it’s hard to discover all these different scenes, specially because most people are more curious about flying over their home, checking the familiar places and routes from real life.

Thankfully, travel is cheap in MSFS. You can literally go anywhere. The entire world is at your mercy, waiting to be discovered, and it can be overwhelming to think about new places to visit, and even how to know what places there are laying around, and challenge yourself to pay them a visit. That’s why can prove to be extremely useful: it’s a library of stunning locations in the world and how to find them in Flight Simulator.

The idea is very simple and straightforward. Anyone can register and add their favourite spots: just add a screenshot, coordinates and a description (such as nearest airports, what to look for, etc). The result is a nice collection of stunning locations all over the world, which anyone can jump straight into in MSFS by using the coordinates in the World Map search box (or by finding the nearest airport and starting from there).

New spots are always being added, so there’s always some new excuse to fire up the simulator and do some sightseeing. You can even save the places you find more interesting for later. It’s really a great way to learn about the places and mash that screenshot key, so make sure to check it out when you’re feeling more adventurous! –

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