Want to learn how to fly the Working Title CJ4? Check this awesome, in-depth tutorial with one of the creators

Working Title’s mod for the Citation CJ4 is one of the finest airplanes currently available for MSFS, and is probably the most detailed and realistic complex simulation for the new sim, together with the A32NX by FlyByWire. The CJ4 has one crucial advantage though: it can reach places that the Airbus could never dream of, vastly expanding the possibilities for exploring the world in a fast jet.

Given its complexity, the CJ4 can be hard to get into for the less experienced pilots, and it’s definitely worth it to learn all the skills necessary to use its systems and navigate around the world. And that’s exactly why the video we have to share with you today will prove to be extremely useful. Matt Nischan, from Working Title, joined FilbertFlies for a complete flight from London to Iverness, where they go through cold and dark procedures, starting the engines, taxiing, taking off, climbing, cruising, descending and finally going for an ILS approach.

The video is long, perfect for a nice learning session during this weekend. If you haven’t tried the CJ4, this is the perfect excuse to give it a go. It’s an amazing and very rewarding airplane, and with all the rich details that Matt gives throughout the whole video, you’ll get to learn everything you need to know not only to get started but also to master this bird. Check it out: