Global AI Ship Traffic has been released, brings more than 1300 ships to MSFS

Remember when we first talked about this excellent project to bring life to the seas in Flight Simulator, with hundreds of different ships of many kinds? Well, just two weeks later, it’s now available for MSFS. Global AI Ship Traffic is completely free and makes flying over water much more interesting!

Here you will find countless ships of all types, from small fishing boats to large aircraft carriers, and everything in between. They are realistically placed all over the world, based on real-world routes and on the most common ship types that can be found in specific regions of the world.

Interestingly, there’s some easter eggs here that can be a little challenge for you to try. Remember the boat from Captain Phillips, which was attacked by pirates of the coast of Somalia? It’s here. There’s even some full scale military exercises from NATO, the Brazilian and Chinese navies.


While this release for MSFS is based on the same mod for FSX and P3D, the models look great, and the bigger ones are even visible from cruising altitudes. And there are not just boats here… whales can also be seen in some relevant locations around the world!

In the end, while this is a flight simulator, the fact is that the world is your playground, and the more realistic it is the higher the immersion level will be. And for the amazing price of FREE, there really isn’t anything to complain about with Global AI Ship Traffic. This is a must-have!