Improve long distance tree visibility with this free mod for MSFS

Trees in Flight Simulator are one of the main elements of the world that add realism to the whole experience, and it’s always something people look forward to get better in any possible way. We’ve seen this before with other mods like this one that adds fall colours to the trees in MSFS.

If you’ve noticed that trees and other vegetation are not looking so well at a distance, this free mod that we’re bringing you today is probably for you. It improves rendering distance, making trees visible from much further away, which certainly contributes to improved sightseeing on your flights.

This vegetation fix offers some possibilities to explore, with varying tree sizes and distances. In each case, the improvement over the default tree rendering distance is quite dramatic, with little to no performance impact.

This solution is based on community discoveries that have been shared on the official Flight Simulator Forum, particularly the one suggested by WeptBurrito2749 (see post #110 here).

MSFS tree distance fix
MSFS tree distance fix