XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD: a more powerful and realistic XCub

The XCub is a remarkable light aircraft that is perfect for exploring the outskirts and land on the most difficult bush strips. The default XCub in Flight Simulator has an high quality interior and exterior model, but its performance leaves somewhat to be desired, with real pilots of the aircraft saying it is underpowered and not exactly up to specs.

Fortunately there’s a group of fans of the aircraft that decided to put their hands to work and make some improvements. And so the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD was born, from Bush League Legends, and it aims to better replicate real-world performance, keeping it as close to factory specs as possible.

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There are two power variantes available, with 180hp or 215hp, but that’s not only what’s changed. There’s also an improved flight model, autopilot and even custom lighting! The result is a much nicer overall experience flying this bird!

Check the official page of the project for more details and a complete changelog for all the changes that have been made in the meantime. Also make sure to watch the showcase video below, to get an idea of what to expect!

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