‘A Guide to Flight Simulator’ updated with A320neo tutorial flight

Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t come with a manual, but SoFly is taking care of that.

The latest version, v1.50, is mostly about the A320neo. SoFly brings an easy to follow tutorial flight for this aircraft, guiding newcomers in an IFR flight all the way from a cold & dark departure from San Francisco to a full fledged autoland in Seattle, all while interacting with ATC and using SID’s and STAR’s. It’s a great way to start learning the basics of a jetliner!

Besides this, the guide also talks about the recently released japan update, and includes a large number of changes based on the community feedback. ‘A Guide to Flight Simulator’ is now 222 pages long, over 100 pages more than when it was released in August. Proof that SoFly is committed to its product, and a good reason to support them in this endeavor. Specially considering how all the updates are free to those who purchased the guide!

‘A Guide to Flight Simulator’ is available for just $16.61.