SwissMilSim releases the de Havilland Venom DH-112 Mk4 for MSFS

SwissMilSim continues on its path to bring us detailed renditions of historic military airplanes that played an important role in Swiss aviation history. Following the Morane D-3801 and the Vampire DH-100, SwissMilSim has now released the Venom DH-112, another post-war British design, mostly derived from the Vampire, that found great success in external markets like Switzerland.

The Venom may look similar to the Vampire, but it’s actually a new design. It’s faster, more maneuverable, and significantly more powerful. It served as an interim stage between the earlier British post-war jet fighters and the more advanced swept-wing aircraft like the Hawker Hunter.

The Swiss Air Force became very interested in the aircraft and decided to adopt it and implement numerous customizations under license. More than 240 DH-112s served under the Swiss flag, the largest fleet ever!

Continuing with their goal of bringing these samples of Swiss military aviation history to Microsoft Flight Simulator, SwissMilSim is now offering MSFS simmers the chance to follow this path and enjoy a rather realistic depiction of the de Havilland Venom. The team promises significant improvements over their previous releases, which we found to be impressively detailed from a simulation standpoint, but somewhat lacking in the visuals and sounds department. For this new aircraft, the developers took that feedback from users and recreated the Venom with improved graphics, including a full 3D cockpit.

The folks behind SwissMilSim have extensive experience with these Swiss airplanes, having flown or worked on them for many years. They clearly know their business, as can be seen by the detailed user manual they created for the virtual version of the aircraft. It’s a highly recommended reading, because SwissMilSim implements a series of realistic simulation features that need to be carefully considered when operating the aircraft. For example, the engine may catch on fire if throttle is applied indiscriminately, or if it’s operated at full power for an extended period of time.

It all looks like another very interesting airplane from SwissMilSim! The de Havilland Venom DH-112 Mk4 for MSFS is out now at Simmarket, priced at €23.49 plus tax. A Marketplace release should follow soon!

de havilland Venom DH 112 MSFS 01


  • flight model tested by former Venom pilots in the Swiss Air Force
  • cockpit entirely realized in 3D
  • 100% MSFS native animation code
  • 3 different lightings by potentiometers
  • reactor fire modeling:
    • in case of too rapid gas increase
    • if the reactor is operated at full power for an extended period of time
  • compression effect
  • pre-stall buffeting effect
  • consumption according to the curves of the original manual
  • speeds corresponding to the flight tests of the time
  • visible wing flexibility at high G-forces
  • ground steering with differential brakes (see manual!)
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) textures, MSFS mod
  • armament not yet available