ST Simulations releases Akureyri Airport (Iceland) for MSFS

ST Simulations is back with another airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team invites MSFS simmers to discover the beautiful landscapes in Iceland, where they can find their newly released scenery, Akureyri International Airport.

Akureyri Airport (BIAR) is one of the four international airports in Iceland, and the only one located in the North of the country. It’s been a place where scheduled flights have taken place since 1928, connecting the region to the capital Reykjavík.

Nowadays, Akureyri Airport continues to serve the domestic market, but there are also a number of scheduled international flights to Europe and even North America. This airport is well-located between Europe and North America, which makes for a relatively accessible “exotic” location near the polar circle.

With Iceland featuring some of the most impressive scenery in the world, ST Simulations saw here an opportunity to create a nicely-detailed airport that users could use on their virtual explorations in the country.

This bespoke rendition of Akureyri Airport comes with realistic buildings and textures, an accurate runway profile and apron layout, custom status aircraft, and lots of custom objects that help to bring this scenery to life in MSFS.

ST Simulation’s Akureyri Airport for MSFS is available now for just around €10.00 + tax.

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 8

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 7

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 6

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 5

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 3

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 2

BIAR Akureyri Airport MSFS 1


  • Akureyri Int. Airport terminal model
  • Accurate runway and apron
  • The Icelandic Aviation Museum Hangar
  • Custom dtatic aircrafts (DC-3, DC-6)
  • Custom hangars
  • Many airport buildings
  • Highly detailed textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), reflective and realistic textures
  • Realistic and highly detailed representation of the airport
  • Realistic runway and taxiway markings
  • A lot of custom objects, models and details for the environment
  • It includes intensive terraforming works

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