Bluebird Simulations shares new preview images of its Boeing 757 for MSFS

Bluebird Simulations has managed to grab the community’s attention with its upcoming simulation of the Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team continues to share new development updates fairly frequently, mostly showing new images of the current work-in-progress in the aircraft.

We’ve been following these updates with attention, so today we’re bringing you the latest images of the 757, which provide us with new perspectives of the external fuselage and the flight deck.

Starting with the new exterior shots, they give us a good idea of the level of detail that is being put into the 757’s external 3D modeling and texturing. It definitely looks nice, even in the dull overcast lighting of the time the images were taken. These new images are especially indicative of the work that is being put on the engines and pylons.

Boeing 757 MSFS new previews 5

Boeing 757 MSFS new previews 4

Boeing 757 MSFS new previews 3

The other two images that we’re sharing with you today take us to the cockpit of the 757 during an auto-land attempt at an undisclosed airport. Here we can see the current flight deck ambiance during daytime as the runway comes into view at a distance. The PFD and MFD appear operational, similarly to what we’ve seen in previous previews, but the instrument panel now appears more polished and detailed.

The Boeing 757 from Bluebird Simulations remains a project for 2023, so there’s still a long time coming for the airliner to be available for simmers to fly in MSFS. As usual, we’ll bring you the most significant development updates and product details as time goes by, so stay tuned for further news about the 757 for MSFS over the coming months!

Boeing 757 MSFS new previews 1