Aerosoft releases Twentynine Palms Airport for MSFS

29Palms Scenery Design, an Aerosoft scenery development company, has recreated its namesake airport in the Mojave Desert. Twentynine Palms Airport (KTNP) is now available for MSFS as a high-quality custom scenery featuring some very cool features for such a small airfield!

Twentynine Palms Airport was created by the US Air Force in 1942 with the goal of serving as a training facility for aspiring Air Force pilots. Nowadays, it’s a public airport that welcomes a few dozen flights per day, almost all of them being general aviation movements.

29Palms Scenery Design strives to create sceneries with character, which is why they are named after this airport in the middle of nowhere. The team claims to have recreated this location with exquisite levels of detail and realism, made possible thanks to many reference materials from the real airport.

This version of Twentynine Palms Airport for MSFS also features some cool characteristics that we don’t often see in smaller airports in MSFS, such as animated 3D people, custom static aircraft, a custom animated windsock, and more.

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 10

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 8

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 7

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 6

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 5

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 4

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 3

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 2

Twentynine Palms Airport KTNP MSFS 1

Besides, the development team went ahead and hand-placed a staggering number of objects for the utmost authenticity: over 100.000, from rocks to vegetation, buildings, and overall clutter. On top of that, simmers will also find a fully customized night environment, with dynamic lighting and custom-made taxi and runway lights.

This all looks like a great way to recreate an airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so do check it out at Aerosoft’s store, where it’s priced at just around $12.00.


  • Highly detailed rendition of Twentynine Palms Airport (KTNP), California
  • Complete coverage of the airport and the surrounding area with high resolution satellite imagery (0.25m/px)
  • Realistic night lighting using almost exclusively dynamic lights
  • High resolution textures (2048px²) with full PBR
  • Over 100.000 hand-placed and custom-made rocks and vegetation objects
  • Complete reconstruction of airport’s lighting equipment with realistic custom-made taxi, runway, rail lights, hazard lights and beacons
  • Animated 3D people, Eagle
  • Numerous custom-made static objects and aircraft around the airport
  • Excellent performance with high framerates due to optimizations
  • Custom made animated windsock

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