Orbx partners with HungaryVFR to publish freeware landmarks and airports packages

Hungarian simmers in MSFS have been enjoying the work of a talented team of developers who have put their love for their country into good work, offering a comprehensive collection of custom models for many of Hungary’s most prominent landmarks and features. This team has now partnered with Orbx to bring this impressive work to the publisher’s distribution infrastructure. HungaryVFR, the apt name of this project, is now available for free through Orbx Direct!

After a long time of continuous development, first started by just two developers and slowly extending into a bigger team, HungaryVFR now includes a large selection of Hungary’s main sights and attractions. From the world-famous beauty of Budapest to other smaller towns around the country, including many cool spots in between, Hungary has become a very interesting place to explore in MSFS.

The team has added literally thousands of custom 3D models to the Hungarian scenery in MSFS, going well beyond the most familiar landmarks. More than a dozen airports have been intervened, along with a wide variety of custom static and dynamic objects such as airplanes, billboards, buses, construction sites, ships, sailboats, and much more. This vast library of region-specific objects is available for other developers to use in their creations.

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 9.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 8.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 6.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 5.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 4.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 3.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 2.jpg

Hungary VFR Orbx MSFS 1.jpg

HungaryVFR is a must-have if you’re flying in Hungary or plan to visit the country in MSFS. It’s primarily aimed at those who like to fly low, enjoying the scenery below in their favorite GA plane.

Orbx is now distributing HungaryVFR in two different packages: one dedicated to Landmarks all around the country and another more focused on airports. See below for details about what’s included, and head to Orbx Direct to get your free copy of HungaryVFR for MSFS.


  • Budapest City scenery
  • Lake Balaton scenery
  • Debrecen City scenery
  • Kecskemét City scenery
  • Szeged City scenery
  • Pécs City scenery
  • Tahi bridge, landmarks of Tahi (Included in Budapest City package)
  • Pomáz landmarks (Included in Budapest City package)
  • Szentendre landmarks (Included in Budapest City package)
  • HungaryVFR West – Villages and towns in the western part of the country (now only Buzsák and Pula, will expand later)


  • LHBB Budaörs HEMS Base
  • LHBP Liszt Ferenc International airport
  • LHBS Budaörs
  • LHDV Dunaújváros airport
  • LHFH Farkashegy
  • LHGD Gödöllő – Thanks to matemate!
  • LHHH Hármashatárhegy
  • LHHO Hajdúszoboszló airfield
  • LHKK Kiskunlacháza
  • LHSZ Szentes Aerodrome with HEMS base, City landmarks
  • LHTL Tököl Airport
  • LHVE Veresegyház airfield