Holiday time in MSFS: Cancun International Airport released by Macco Simulations

Spring is here, bringing along sunnier days, warm nights, and plans for the summer holidays! The world is filled with famous destinations that attract people from all over the globe, and you can visit them all in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some will look better than others, but one that will definitely be nicer to visit now is Cancun, in Mexico, which just got a custom new airport for MSFS, brought to you by Macco Simulations.

As a super popular tourist destination, Cancun has a busy international airport that draws traffic from all across the Americas and Europe. In fact, it’s the second busiest airport in Latin America, serving over 22 million passengers per year.

Many of the most well-known airlines in the world fly to Cancun, such as KLM, British Airways, Delta, American Airlines, Lufthansa, and much more, making Cancun Airport the perfect destination for airliner pilots flying some short hops from the US or long-haul routes from Europe.

Macco Simulations has recreated Cancun Airport (MMUN) specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator, making use of the latest technologies available on the platform, like multi-layered PBR textures.

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 8

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 7

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 5

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 4

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 3

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 2

Cancun Airport MMUN MSFS 1

If you visit Cancun Airport with this scenery installed, you will find a realistically rendered airport with high-resolution textures, fully customized jetways, custom lighting, static vehicles, and more. To optimize for performance and experience, the developers also implemented a basic re-creation of the terminal interior, providing additional immersion to pilots when setting up the aircraft at the gates.

Cancun Airport from Macco Simulations is now available for just $15.99.

Main features:

  • Fully Custom Jetways
  • PBR materials used throughout, utilising 4k textures where appropriate
  • 8 layers of ground textures
  • Fully optimized buildings and textures for best performance on PC and XBOX
  • Basic interior modelling for better pilot immersion
  • Custom lighting across the aprons
  • Custom static vehicles