TFDi Design confirms pricing for the MD-11 for MSFS

It’s no secret that TFDI Design is currently working on the MD-11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as the team revealed last year during FlightSimExpo 2021. It’s an ambitious project, claimed to be “beyond study level“, and it will have a price to match: $89.99 USD.

TFDi did hint at this price point in a development update at the end of the year, but this now seems to be confirmed as multiple sources noticed this info has been added to the official product page for the MD-11.

While there’s still no planned release date for this aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, at least you can now start saving and planning your purchase. The initial cost is a bit steep, but the options are pretty straightforward: you will choose to buy either the Cargo or Passenger version for the aforementioned $89.99, and then get the other variant for just an additional $14.99. So, whatever you choose first, getting both the Passenger and Cargo variants will set you back $104.98.




TFDi Design will accept even more money, if you’re looking for the “Extended Simulation Package“, which will be another $14.99. This will include operational failures, a custom failures menu, and circuit breakers. The sort of stuff “study-level” airplanes usually include, and probably what many folks will be looking to include. This leaves the question: will TFDi charge $89.99 for a not-study-level airplane? Discuss!

In any case, this will be a huge release for MSFS, given the expectation TFDi is creating with the whole product. With the promise of an authentic model with realistic textures, an accurate flight model, full FMS simulation with SIDs, STARs and performance calculations, and full autoflight simulation, this is bound to be one of the most detailed airliners for MSFS. Not that there’s many, mind you, but both PMDG and Fenix Simulations should be out soon with their own version of a “study-level” airliner.

Sadly, there are no new images to share, but these should start to pop out soon. In the meantime, TFDi has a Discord server where the team sporadically shares some bits of info, and where you can also ask questions and be more informed about the progress of this very ambitious project.