POSCON, a promising VATSIM alternative, is now out of beta

POSCON is a “new” flight simulation network that hopes to offer a modern alternative to more established networks such as VATSIM and IVAO. It’s been in development for a few years, with promising signs that it can be a very nice platform that improves on nearly every aspect when compared to the competition. The problem is… nobody is using it.

So, is POSCON dead? Andrew Heath, POSCON’s CEO, recently published a long-awaited development update on the platform, which is now out of beta. It starts by basically saying that no, POSCON is not dead. It’s just that the team has been quietly developing, trying not to rise the hype to later cancel the product, or see its functionality stolen by rivals.

After POSCON entered beta testing last May, early feedback led the team to completely rewrite the voice software, in order to “sustain projected growth”. This was a major barrier that was preventing forward progress across the whole platform, but the team appears to have cleared that hurdle with an entirely new protocol.


Can you spot the only two airplanes in the network at the time of this writing?

While the voice software was being rewritten, development was also progressing on several fronts. The Launcher has now reached version 1.0.0 and is effectively out of beta. Furthermore, the team is already looking ahead to version 2.0.0, with plans to integrate the different apps that are needed at this point into a single, all-in-one unified client.

Many other changes have been implemented in the platform in recent months, such as a new Virtual Operators section, an improved ATC Division page, an updated Radar Client, and more. A detailed changelog with all the recent changes can be found here.

This is all very cool indeed, but the problem of lack of pilots and ATC coverage remains. In any case, Andrew Heath says the team is planning for a big 2022, with marketing materials to help promote the platform and hopefully launch it into new heights. Regular weekly events on the network are already scheduled to start in January.

With its refreshing and modern looks and a fast 15hz update rate, POSCON could be a very good contender to well-established players… if it’s able to attract new users. Let’s see how things evolve in the next few months. Stay tuned!