Aerosoft revives Simple Traffic for MSFS, now in beta testing

Here’s an addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator that has had its ups and downs. Simple Traffic was announced by Aerosoft in late July, only to be axed just a week later due to unforeseen changes brought upon by the infamous Sim Update 5.

Now, just a few days after the release of Sim Update 6, this project is back on track for a release in the near future. The latest Sim Update changed some things up again, but this time for the good, so much so that Aerosoft is now starting a beta stage for the product.

Simple Traffic is a rather simple but very interesting idea. Its goal is to improve the Ai traffic with correct liveries and traffic routes, relevant to each airport, and to increase performance by using low polygon models of the default MSFS AI aircraft.

In the end, the idea is to have something like the image above: real liveries in airports where they operate. A simple but very welcome change! Just install and forget about it, and enjoy the improved airport ambiance.

Aerosoft Simple Traffic should be available soon and will be priced at €12.50 (plus applicable tax). Updates will come regularly, possibly adding more supported airports and airlines.