Orbx releases Essendon Fields Airport (YMEN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Essendon Fields Airport, the home of Orbx Simulations in Australia, is now available for MSFS. 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of this historic airport in Melbourne, the second oldest international airport in Australia, just after Sydney’s, so Orbx took the opportunity to recreate its home airport in great detail for the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Essendon Airport has a long history that started with pioneer Australian aviators, eventually becoming Melbourne’s international airport from 1950 to 1970. It has since been replaced in that role by the nearby Tullamarine International Airport, but Essendon Fields stills plays a key role as a busy general aviation airport.

This is naturally an important scenery for Orbx, so they took the time to develop an impressively detailed add-on for MSFS that features a very accurate depiction of YMEN. Thanks to the assistance of Essendon Fields management, the developers had close access to the airport’s premises to gather all the data required to create a truly authentic virtual version of the site.

PBR textures and highly detailed 3D models are the usual stuff to expect, but there are plenty of additional features, such as new aerial imagery supplied by Aerometrex, custom static aircraft, the new Bombardier hangar, and impressive interior modelling.

YMEN Essendon Airport is now available from Orbx for around $22 AUD.

YMEN Essendon Fields Airport MSFS 6

YMEN Essendon Fields Airport MSFS 5

YMEN Essendon Fields Airport MSFS 4

YMEN Essendon Fields Airport MSFS 2

YMEN Essendon Fields Airport MSFS 1

Key Features

  • Accurate depiction of YMEN Essendon Airport
  • High-quality PBR textures used throughout
  • Custom groundpoly with runway profiles
  • Crisp orthoimagery supplied by Aerometrex
  • Custom static Skycrane, AMSA Challenger and VICPOL/HEMS AW-139s
  • Interior ground floor modelling of terminal
  • Animated crossing gate
  • Includes the EF Auto Precinct and DFO retail area
  • New Bombardier hangar
  • Developed with the assistance of Essendon Fields Airport