TDM Scenery Design releases LEST – Santiago de Compostela Airport for MSFS

Santiago de Compostela is a well-known pilgrimage destination among Christians, who walk the famous Camino de Santigo to reach the striking Cathedral where St. James (Santiago) is thought to be buried. Pilgrims often walk hundreds of kilometers, coming in from far countries such as France, Germany and Italy, for a long but rewarding journey to the believers. A much faster but certainly less “holy” way to get to Santiago de Compostela is flying to its airport, which sits at just 12 km from the city. Thanks to TDM Scenery Design, it’s now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Officially known as Santiago-Rosalia de Castro Airport (LEST), it has seen a growing number of passengers over the years, consistently getting over 2 million visitors for more than a decade. It’s served by Ryanair, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Iberia, among other airlines, who fly to more than a dozen European cities.

The developers at TDM Scenery Design worked to recreate the airport with a high level of accuracy and visual quality, with high-resolution textures, detailed buildings (including the interior of the terminal) custom terraforming, and more. “A very detailed reconstruction and faithful to reality in all aspects“, the developers say.

The developers leave us with a small note about the jetways, which are not animated in this launch version due to some problems with the base sim. Asobo is expected to fix these issues in a forthcoming update, and TDM Scenery Design promises to issue a free update to make the jetways animated in this airport.

LEST – Santiago / Rosalia de Castro Airport is now available from Simmarket.

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 2

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 8

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 7

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 6

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 5

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 4

Santiago Compostela AIrport LEST MSFS 3