WATCH – Aerosoft, Helisimmer, Hype Performance Group, Orbx, Parallel 42 and TFDi Design discuss the future of at-home flight simulation

The Cross-Community Panel Discussion has ended, but you can still watch the whole conversation below. Well-known developers and institutions in the flight simulation community discuss the future of at-home flight simulation.

#FlyJuly21 is now underway, a month-long event that brings together all those involved with flight simulation. The calendar of events for this month includes some community fly-ins with well-known content creators and a community panel discussion with panelists from Aerosoft, Helisimmer, Hype Performance Group, Orbx, Parallel 42 and TFDi Design, in a conversation moderated by Calum from FSElite and hosted by the Flight Simulation Association.

This panel discussion will be a live-streamed event where the panelists will discuss the current state of desktop flight simulation and answer some community questions. We can submit one question on behalf of our community here at MSFS Addons, so let us know in the comments below if you have a question you’d like us to ask the panelists during the event.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Pilots and simmers are encouraged to watch the stream live on July 24 at 2000 GMT via Flight Simulation Association, on YouTube, with Chewwy94 on Twitch, or here on our website. By participating you will also have the chance to win prizes.

Developers are also welcome to participate, creators of both payware and freeware add-ons for the different flight simulation platforms. Amongst the topics to be discussed will be the global impact of the release of the latest version of Flight Simulator and what the Xbox launch of MSFS will mean to the whole community.

Join us next Saturday as we learn with the involved industry experts about what’s going on in the flight simulation world and what lies ahead for all of those involved. And again, feel free to leave us with your questions below!