Aerosoft and Orbx announce distribution partnership

Aerosoft and Orbx are two juggernauts in the flight simulation world, with a rich history and a large catalog of products that have been released for multiple platforms over the years. Today, the two companies announced a new distribution partnership that will effectively see them sharing the distribution of their respective products.

It’s unclear right now when this partnership will effectively begin and which products will be available from the start. What we know is that, at an initial stage, around 15 products from each company will be available under this agreement, with more to be added at a later stage.

Here’s what both companies had to say about this agreement:

“A great partnership – both Aerosoft and Orbx are very well known brands in the flight simulation industry, and both care greatly about high quality and customer satisfaction. Together we can offer our respective customers a great variety of interesting products.”

Winfried Diekmann, Aerosoft’s CEO

“We are very excited to start this partnership with Aerosoft. Orbx has been developing high quality products for the major flight sim platforms for many years, and we are proud our two Companies – which share a lot of history – can offer flight simmers some of the best products from our respective catalogues.”

Anna Cicognani, Orbx’s CEO

With Orbx Direct, Orbx has built a reliable platform that makes it easy to install the studio’s products and those from partners, and keep them timely up-to-date. Aerosoft is looking to do the same with the recently announced Aerosoft One, and now both studios will share their efforts and expertise by helping simmers getting their favorite products on their distribution platform of choice.